Mama June of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" has been working hard on her body, and it sounds like she is looking great now because of it. The reality star even got her own new reality show on WE to show off her hot new body. Now Radar Online is sharing that she just had another surgery done to help her look even sexier.

What kind of surgery did Mama June have done?

Last spring she underwent gastric sleeve surgery to hep her to lose weight. This isn't the only surgery that Mama June had done, though. She actually just had surgery to remove all of the excess skin she has because of her weight loss.

June has lost so much weight that this needed to happen. Last year, she wasn't able to get this surgery, but now that she has lost more weight it was time to get it done. She shared that she has lost about half of her body. Mama June has done a great job of not showing it all off yet. There are a few pics of her, but the big reveal will be happening on the series.

Now Mama June isn't giving away all of her secret, but she did share some of how she lost the weight. For one, she did have surgery. June also said, "I haven’t ate a lot of pasta [sic], no fried foods and baked goods stuff like that. I’m not perfect, but I do give it my 100 percent. Trust me, I’m not eating salads all the time! We do live in the South!”

You will get to see it all on her new show "Mama June: From Not to Hot." This show will air on WE and starts on February 24.

This show is going to show all about her weight loss, but it will also be showing a lot more. Reports are that Sugar Bear and his new wife will also be on the show. Everyone can't wait to see the family on television again and see how things go for them. It should be an interesting series. There has been a lot of talk ever since TLC canceled "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" about them getting back on TV and here it is finally.

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