On Thursday, nationwide protests took place using the hashtag "ADayWithoutImmigrants" to highlight what immigrants contribute to the United States. In response, conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren wasn't too happy about it.

Tomi triggered

The idea behind the "A Day Without Immigrants" protests was to focus on what immigrants bring to the United States, while pushing back at President Donald Trump and his policy on border security. Businesses shutdown across the country in solidarity with the movement, as multiple demonstrations were put together in an attempt to help get the word out.

The topic was trending on Twitter and across social media, as thousands took part in the event. However, not everyone was supportive of the movement, as Tomi Lahren used her "Final Thoughts segment on the Blaze TV to voice her opposition, as seen on her Facebook page on February 16.

"If you were out busting your back at work today, you may not be aware it is 'A Day Without Immigrants,' another protest against border security, Donald Trump and the law," Tomi Lahren said. After mocking the protesters by reading their offical platform, Lahren ripped into the movement with her own view. "They forgot a very important word. A word that they just can't seem to wrap their liberal minds around," Lahren said, before stating, "That word is 'illegal!" "If this is a day without illegal immigrants, I"m not complaining," she continued.

After reading off a list of Americans killed by illegal immigrants, Tomi Lahren continued. "A day without illegal immigrant would mean hard-working parents wouldn't have to bust their butts to send their American-born children to college, while so-called 'DREAMERS' get a pass on their illegal status, in-state tuition, and special student centers to glorify their law breaking activity," she went on to say.

Tomi trouble

"A day without illegal immigrants would mean legal immigrants, those who actually respect this nation, would have a higher chance to obtain citizenship and gain employment," Tomi Lahren went on to say, before claiming that illegal immigrants are three-times as likely to be convicted of murder as the general population.

The right-wing social media star went on to explain that illegal immigration was an activity that could be committed by anyone, and then labeled liberals as "racists" because they always associate the act with Mexicans. Lahren concluded her rant in similar tone, and appeared triggered by the hashtag and protest.