Tyler Perry's "The Haves and the Have Nots" gets more intense each week. During the episode that aired on OWN Tuesday, February 14, both Benny and Jeffrey realize that the police have evidence that implicates them in the murder of Quincy Maxwell. In the last episode, it was evident that things were falling apart for the Young family, including Hanna, Benny, and Candace.

Benny's bracelet

Hanna was watching the news about the police investigation at Candace's house. The reporter said a bracelet was found. When Candace and Benny arrived at the hotel where Hanna was staying, Hanna noticed that Benny was not wearing the bracelet she had made for him.

Since Benny never takes it off, Hanna becomes suspicious and begs her son to tell her where it is. He never does. Hanna goes berserk. She yells and begins slapping Benny. She stops only when her grandson asks her to stop.

For fans who don't remember, Benny's bracelet was in the grave with Quincy's body. It got there because Benny is the one who buried him in Candace's backyard after Candace and Jeffrey killed him a few seasons ago.

Jeffrey's keys

Jeffrey's keys were also found on Quincy's body. When the police traced the serial number, they found out that the keys belonged to Jeffrey. Now, Jeffrey's mother, Veronica Harrington, is helping Candace and Jeffrey get off. Veronica is blackmailing her son to marry Melissa.

Jeffrey is gay. His mother knows this, but she insists that he marry Melissa anyway.

Veronica is a very good lawyer who can find loopholes in most cases. As of now, because Candace's house went into foreclosure at 5 p.m. and the body was found at 6 p.m., Veronica gets the police to call off the search because Candace was not the homeowner at the time of the discovery of Quincy's body.

The bank owns the house.

Wyatt's money

La'Quita and her friend find out Wyatt has lots of money, but it is not in the bank in Savannah, Georgia. She insists that they are going to stay at Wyatt's place until his bank account shows a zero balance. It is interesting how Tyler Perry used several objects in the recent episode. Whether it was deliberate or by accident, it did make for good television. Did you notice how those objects were used in Perry's storyline?