"baghtos kay Mujra Kar", the Marathi movie which was released on February 03, 2017, is now getting positive reviews from all corners. The film which marks the directorial debut of renowned Kannada actor hemant dhome, with its strong cinematic language, has captured the hearts of the audiences, and it has already started its journey to emerge as a blockbuster at the box-office.

"Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar" is loaded with an ensemble star cast which includes Jitendra Joshi, Akshay Tanksale, Hemant Dhome, Rasika Sunil and Neha Joshi.

An emotional rural story

The movie is set in the backdrop of a quaint village named "Kharbujewaadi". In the past, people in this village were warriors who formed a major battalion in Sivaji's army. The courage of these villagers has played a crucial role in determining the success of Sivaji in various wars. But those days are gone, and now, people in this village have already forgotten the valor of their ancestors.

Now, the town has sign boards which depicted the name "Sivaji Maharaj," but the young generation in the area is not aware of the legendary King's legacy. At this juncture, a man named Nanasaheb Deshmukh tries to create awareness among his fellow beings regarding the village's glorious history.

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A feel of Nationalism all over

Director Hemant Dome has made the movie in such a way that it will give a feel of Nationalism to Marathi people. Some of the scenes are loaded with intense emotions, and it will make them feel proud of taking birth in the blessed land. Amritraj has composed the music well, and it has played a crucial role in elevating the overall mood of the movie.

Release report and box-office predictions

The film is now running to packed houses in more than 160 centers in Maharashtra. As the reviews surrounding the film are positive in nature, and no other nig movies released today, "Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar" is expected to gross more than Rs 6 Crores by the end of this opening week.