The Wednesday's episode of "Ishqbaaz" ended with Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) bringing back his wife Annika (Surbhi Chandna) back home to the Oberoi Mansion after his mother Pinky had thrown her out.

Shivaay's mom Pinky is annoyed and furious after he brings Anika back home and argues with him that she is the cause of all the bad things happenings happening to the family members. Even the gunshot that Shivaay took was aimed at Anika. He came in front of her to save her life.

Shivaay disobeys his mom and tells her, and other members that Anika has done nothing wrong and she will stay at the Oberoi Mansion,

Thursday, Dec 2 episode

The show begins with Rudra, Omkara and Anika dressed as Chefs are preparing food for Shivaay who is sitting watching the way they are cooking.

He suggests them changes, but they won't listen to him, at this time Pinky enters the kitchen and wants to see what dishes they are cooking. She stops when she see Anika who is also part of the cooking team and goes back. Rudra tells her to taste the dishes, but she goes out saying 'my hunger went away after seeing Anika.'

Svetlana and sisters plan their next move.

Svetlana and Tej are discussing a business deal. If it goes through, the shares of Tej's company will surpass Shivaay's. But there is a hindrance. Omkara has to agree to the deal. Tej tells Svetlana that he will take care of his son Om.

Next Tej announces to the family members that the Chadda's are coming home today evening to see Omkara and that he has given them a word to marry Sonali Chadda, the daughter of the wealthy businessman with Omkara.

Rudra agrees to marry Chadd'a daughter

When the Chadda's come home with the proposal for Omkara, he straight away refuses, making Tej furious. But in a new twist, his younger son, Rudra tells the Chadda's that he is ready to marry their daughter.

Everyone is shocked, but Tej is pleased.

Shivaay and others try to say him that he is still studying and too young to get married and moreover it is a business deal and not marriage. But Rudra refutes by telling them that now he is grown up and can take his decisions. He also tells that he took the decision to avoid the humiliation of his father.

Pinky and Tej get furious when Anika speaks up, they tell her all sort of things like who is she to speak in the personal family matter of the Oberoi's. Rudra pacifies everyone and tells all that he will marry Sonia. The episode ends. But in fact, he is already married to Soumya!