Since Jinger Duggar Vuolo got married to Jeremy things have changed a lot for her. She is the first one of the Duggar daughters to move away from her family. Jill did go on a mission trip, but her home is still in Arkansas. Jinger is now living in Texas with her husband Jeremy. People got the chance to talk to her and find out how things are going now that she is so far away from her family and Jinger even talked a bit about their plan for a family in the future.

Jinger gives a big update on her life

Jinger actually revealed that things are going great for her in Texas.

She said that they have adapted well to married life and living together now. Jinger and Jeremy didn't get to spend a ton of time together before their wedding due to the distance.

One thing that is making it easier on Jinger Duggar being away from her family is technology. She shared saying, "We FaceTime, and there’s always a family group message sharing what’s going on. It’s been joyous.” Plus, visits are just “a flight away.” Last week on the show, jinger shared that it was actually a twelve-hour drive to go home and see her family. Obviously, that isn't a drive that she would want to make very often.

Jinger shared that she has made connections to some of the ladies in Texas well. The fact that Jeremy is part of a church had to make it a bit easier for her to connect to people right away.

Jinger seems very happy to be living her life there with him.

Everyone wants to know how soon Jinger and Jeremy will have children. She didn't say that they are trying, but she di say that they are just going to leave it in the Lord's hands and see what happens. Everyone knows that the Duggars don't believe in birth control, so it could be very soon that Jinger and Jeremy are expecting their first child.

Both of her married sisters have one baby and another one on the way.

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