The creators of “South Park” have said that they will tone down jokes made about President Donald trump in a recent statement.

Satire and comedy have already become reality for them

The show’s creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who also serve as voice actors on the show, recently appeared on the Australian talk show, “7:30,” where they discussed creating a show that served as satire over current events. In the interview, they admitted that they would take a break of sorts from lampooning people in the current government, which includes Trump.

Parker admitted that, “satire has kind of become reality,” in a manner of speaking, as he finds it harder and harder to keep up with current events, and that recent news was “funnier than anything we could come up” on their own.

Stone also added that while people may assume that it is easy for them to make fun of someone who becomes a ridiculed and controversial figure, it might not always be the case. To him, it is hard to make fun of something that is already “doing the comedy” for themselves.

Added to that, as the most recent season has ended, the creators will not have to work on more episodes for at least eight months.

Trump had surprised the show at least once before

Although the series is animated in a style to resemble stop-motion using cut-outs of construction paper, the show employs digital CGI to create animation. This process allows the creators to focus episodes on current events in a more timely fashion than with shows that employ more traditional forms of animation.

Reportedly, episodes are made around a week before they air.

The show had previously made headlines in an incident involving Trump with the episode, “Oh, Jeez.” Originally titled "The Very First Gentleman," the episode was meant to reflect on the results of the U.S. election but was originally written to have had Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton had won the election, as the crew had assumed she would have won in real life.

After the results of the election had declared Trump to have won the Electoral College, the episode had to be edited at the last second to reflect this change. The episode was especially notable as previous episodes concerning elections from the series would usually revolve around plots that focused little on the elections themselves, as to allow whoever won be inserted at the last second, meaning that they were ambiguous enough to adapt.