“General Hospital” spoilers promised that Finn and Hayden’s cures would come with a cost, and now we know what it is. Finn is cured of his Blackwood Syndrome (as is Hayden) thanks to his inspiration from Roxy the bearded dragon, but now Finn has a monkey on his back – he’s a junkie!

Cured of one, not the other

The doctor has been taking Zekenestrol (street name Zen-Zen) to manage his Blackwood disease symptoms for years. He only recently began dosing Hayden with it to save her life, so she won’t have complications like Finn is having. As soon as Brad cooked up another batch of the cure, Finn was fine.

He’s clear of the disease but on the Wednesday, January 4th episode, we saw that Finn left Hayden’s room and collapsed in the hallway. It looked as bad as it did when he was at the worst of his disease. "General Hospital" spoilers say Finn is addicted to Zen-Zen, a complication he never imagined.

How long can Finn keep the secret?

GH” spoilers say that Finn’s body got used to daily doses of Zen-Zen, and him curing the disease didn’t change that. He’s addicted to the drug that once saved his life, even though it could kill Finn if he can’t beat his addiction. Things are worse because he tries to hide his junkie habits.

“General Hospital” spoilers for 2017 from Soap Opera Digest predict that something from Finn’s past affects his relationship with Hayden.

Some thought it might be a woman, but it’s the drug that saved his life for so long. This drama will intensify in the coming days as Finn tries to keep his addiction a secret.

What will Finn do to satisfy his habit?

Hayden’s mom Naomi believed all along that Finn was a junkie, and now she’s right because he truly is. On January 12th, “GH” spoilers say Finn hides a dangerous secret, and by the week of January 16th, Brad worries about Finn after he observes some alarming behavior.

No way would Hayden dump Finn over the accidental addiction, but she won’t be happy about him lying to her. We know Finn is low on Zen-Zen, so what will he do when he runs out? Will Finn turn to other drugs? How far will he go to get his fix, and can Hayden and Tracy save him from himself?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC, and there’s exciting stuff, including Tyler Christopher hinting a return as Nikolas, Nathan and Maxie tying the knot next month, and Don Swayze’s guest arc starting on Thursday, January 5th.

"GH" video of Finn's collapse: