“General Hospital” news and spoilers say a few weeks after Bryan Craig’s final air date as Morgan Corinthos, he and fiancée Kelly Thiebaud split. Holiday pics by the couple reveal they’re far apart and Kelly’s not wearing her ring. Here’s the “GH” scoop on the couple and their break-up.

Christmas and New Year’s apart

Kelly Thiebaud last posted a pic of herself in LA in early November. Was trouble already brewing? She was home in Texas by mid-November and posting pics of herself there and shared on November 13th, “Watching old episodes of Seinfeld seems to make things better, for me at least..”

Was Kelly sad about a split?

The last time Kelly had a pic of Bryan in her Instagram timeline was 17 weeks ago on August 28th, 2016 and she clearly had on her engagement ring. But Kelly spent Christmas and New Year in New York and made it clear she’s relocated to Manhattan.

Kelly moved to NYC alone!

After Thanksgiving in Texas, by mid-December Kelly was in New York and not just for a visit. She shared pics of her dog Whiskey with her, and no ring on her hand, plus pics of her out on Christmas and New Year’s in NYC without Bryan Craig. Check out her Instagram stream to see her new life alone (without Bryan in NYC).

Her fourth finger is shown in most of her social media pics and she’s clearly not wearing her engagement ring! Then on January 1st, Kelly Thiebaud posted a pic of herself in the East Village and the caption read, “New year. New me. New adventures. New city. My heart is opened and I am so ready for all that's coming. #2017”

That sounds like she and fiancé Brian are done and she left town.

She's in NYC with her dog settling into her new life and he's across the country batching it.

Bryan parties with his bro squad

Bryan shared a photo of himself at his mom’s on Christmas joking that he was wearing his mom’s slippers.

Kelly was with her family for the holidays – they were clearly apart. For New Year's, Bryan partied with a band of dudes in warm weather on a pier while Kelly was celebrating in freezing New York without him.

The last pic of Kelly on Bryan’s Instagram timeline was about 17 weeks ago on September 3rd. She quit posting pics of him then, too. Plus, when Bryan injured his leg in mid-November on the set of BMX movie “Ride” it was his mom, not his fiancée, taking care of him. These are indicators of an end to their engagement.

Bryan looking for attention post-split?

December 8th, Bryan Craig tweeted and got “GH” fans excited. He wrote, “People need to calm haha. Ill come through again and pick up right where I left off” and then followed up with, “Don’t get ahead of yourselves” when fans went crazy asking if he was coming back to “GH” as Morgan Corinthos.

Bryan later deleted the tweets but since Kelly was gone by then, perhaps he needed some fan affection because he was sad about a split. Neither Bryan Craig nor Kelly Thiebaud have confirmed, but since they are living across the country from each other and her ring is off, all signs point to a break-up!

The facts are:

#1 Bryan and Kelly quit posting pics together on social media four months ago

#2 Kelly moved with her dog but without Bryan across the country

#3 Bryan and Kelly spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's apart

#4 There is no ring on Kelly's finger

There may have not confirmed officially that they are split, but the evidence is laid out for all "GH" watchers to see. It's sad. They seemed happy together.

Best wishes to them both as they start their lives apart.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC. Also, there’s a rumored recast of Morgan Corinthos coming soon and debunked rumors swirling that Kelly Monaco might be pregnant in real life.