“General Hospital” spoilers photos say Nathan and Maxie’s wedding takes place on Monday, January 16th, and there is a lot of drama in store. Check out these first photos from the wedding and find out all about the drama that goes on that day. It looks amazing.

Spinelli officiates, and it’s a packed house

The wedding events start Monday, January 16th, but things kick off when Nathan and Maxie are back with documents they need to get hitched. “GH” spoilers say Maxie sees a “familiar face” on Friday, January 13th, but that’s funny because it’s not Bradford Anderson but Blake Berris as a recast.

This time the nuptials are at the MetroCourt and there are lots of guests there, many with issues with the groom’s soon-to-be brother-in-law Valentin. Griffin, Anna, and Lulu all face-off with Valentin. Everyone has issues with him and this is the day everything hits the fan.

Griffin and Anna both confront Valentin

Griffin is irritated that he lost Charlotte to Valentin and the news about Claudette might set him off. “General Hospital” spoiler pics show Griffin assaulting Valentin. Does this mean the bad news Nathan and Maxie find is that Claudette is dead or missing and presumed dead?

Griffin also talks to Nina, no doubt to tell her she should get far away from Valentin. Anna is trying to sort out the memories she recovered from her hypnosis session with Andre and she and Valentin face-off at the wedding. Valentin pushes back on Anna – it seems like she broke his heart in the past.

Charlotte discovers an uncomfortable truth

Lulu struggles to bond with Charlotte and tells Valentin they need to tell their daughter the truth. Lulu gets Charlotte alone and tells her the truth on the day of the wedding. Judging by the photos, mom and daughter wind up in a linen closet talking about life.

Valentin also has alone time with his daughter and reassures her about the changes in her life. He’s a good father to Charlotte and just wants her to be happy. Valentin will tell Charlotte that she has one daddy and two mommies – Nina and Lulu.

At last, Nathan and Maxie will be man and wife, but will there be a shocking surprise that disrupts the proceedings or will it all go off without a hitch? “GH” watchers can’t wait to find out. Blake Berris begins a short run as Spinelli on Friday, January 13th, and the Naxie wedding action starts on Monday, January 16th.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC and there’s a new writer change and some harsh criticism about “GH” from Tristan Rogers, plus the possible return of Tyler Christopher as Nikolas and more Nelle drama in the coming days.

Wedding and 2017 spoiler video: