GH” spoilers say the answers to “who is Nelle” on “General Hospital” may already be answered and it’s “GH” watchers that have the clue to get the answers for themselves. Do we already know the truth? Did Bobbie give us a big clue last week when she confronted Nelle?

Is Nelle a Spencer?

On Thursday, December 29th, after Bobbie found the blood pressure pill in Sonny’s bedroom, she decided to confront Nelle and that’s when “GH” viewers may have received a major clue to Nelle’s true identity as if the hints have not been enough.

Bobbie said to Nelle, “I'm a Spencer.

You don't know what that means but, in a nutshell, I won't let anything or anyone hurt my daughter or her family.” Was this a big hint that Nelle is a Spencer, too? If so, the only reason Nelle does not know is because she was given up for adoption.

Crazy Nelle rumors out of control

Some tabloid sites have run wild with inaccurate “General Hospital” spoilers on Nelle’s background. One even suggested that Nelle is Bobbie’s daughter when all “GH” watchers know that’s a medical impossibility since Bobbie lost her uterus in the mid-80s.

Others have suggested that since the rattle Nelle has is engraved with “Caroline” that means she’s the child of Carly’s teenage BFF Charlotte “Carly” Roberts. The problem there is that Charlotte’s name was not Caroline, so why would a rattle of hers read Caroline?

Another insane rumor is that somehow Nelle is Michael’s secret twin sister that no one noticed popped out at the same time that he did. How would no one notice a twin went rogue no matter what else was going on at the time? It’s all so silly.

Plausible options for Nelle

The “Caroline” rattle makes it plausible that Nelle might be a child Carly gave up for adoption before she came to town and got pregnant with Michael. Carly slept with her BFF’s dad, so if the “GH” writers stomped on the timeline (as they like to do), Nelle could be an unfortunate teen pregnancy.

Others have suggested that Nelle might be Carly’s half-sister and the child of her biological father John Durant. That’s plausible too since he was only in Port Charles a short while and that ties back to Carly as well. Either of these seem a good bet but “GH” writers may have done something insane instead.

Another plot without an end in sight?

“GH” writers admitted they didn’t decide on the hospital serial killer when they started that plot but told Michael Fairman in an interview that they wrote Nelle’s backstory before she was introduced. Other crazy rumors say new guy Buzz is her dad, but he’s only in town for two days, so it seems a stretch.

Let’s also hope that they pulled out a “GH” family tree and skimmed a summary of the past in Port Charles and won’t totally rewrite history for Nelle.

There are plenty of plausible options to choose from without making Nelle a secret twin or a child that fell out of a non-existent uterus.

“General Hospital” spoilers say it won’t be long before the answer to “who is Nelle” on “General Hospital” will be revealed soon. Here’s hoping they don’t take too long or “GH” watchers might not care anymore.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC and the first “GH” of 2017 is Tuesday, January 3rd and the week ahead looks great judging by “GH” spoilers. Plus on Friday, January 13th, Blake Berris shows up as recast Spinelli.