It looks like "Sister Wives" star Kody Brown has spawned a fairly normal family when it comes to the problems and triumphs most families experience in life, except for one thing. He is a man who sleeps with four different women on a revolving schedule, as having four wives falls under the umbrella of their religion.

Meri has previously expressed her wishes that people would be more open-minded about the "Sister Wives" living situation. But she doesn't appear to be very open-minded about her daughter coming out as a lesbian. This will unfold on this week's episode as the previews show Meri having a one-on-one conversation with Mariah.

She tells her daughter that she doesn't want to come off as being offensive, but at the same time she wants to be able to say how she is really feeling.

Jealousy pops up now and then

To say that the women don't mind when it comes to sharing Kody with their other sister wives, wouldn't be factual reporting. They sure do mind and some mind more than the others, as observed in scenes of jealousy during the several seasons of the "Sister Wives." Working through a polygamous marriage has its trials and tribulations, as demonstrated by this show. One reason this family decided to star in a reality show in the first place is to dispel some of the rumors of a polygamy relationship.

Mariah's reveal

Mariah Brown, who is Kody's daughter with Meri, has recently told her family she is gay.

This was a struggle for the young woman who was brought up in the Mormon Church. The family belongs to the Apostolic United Brethren, a fundamentalist Mormon church that believes in a plural marriage, but not homosexuality. The reactions of her parents when she comes out to them is probably best described as shocked, but why?

Open-minded bunch?

This show consists of five adults who have shocked the masses with their bed swapping husband and then having 18 children as a result of this. So you would think Mariah revealing that she is a lesbian shouldn't give them any reason to be upset, because they pride themselves on being open-minded and wish others were the same way.

Meri questions Kody's reaction

Meri gets a bit mad at Kody and Robyn in the next episode of the show for smiling and being happy that Mariah is gay. She confronts Kody with his reaction of not being upset over Mariah's reveal. Kody, who more often than not acts like one of the teenagers in the family, told Meri it's not that they are happy because Mariah is gay, he said they are "happy she knows herself."

Lying to herself

Mariah gathered her four mothers and her father, Kody, in a group to tell them that she is gay. All seemed happy after the initial shock wore off, except her birth mother, Meri. Mariah struggled with her sexuality to the point that she even played it off as if she was homophobic to help her get over her feelings of being attracted to women.

She did this because of their religion, which does not approve of homosexuality, reports Us Magazine.

Mariah eventually found that you cannot change who you are. Perhaps this was Kody's line of thinking when he said he is happy Mariah knows herself. Maybe he was happy that she left the struggling behind. It wasn't until Mariah toured college campuses that she realized she is who she is.

Life changing

Her guide at one of the colleges was gay and after he shared his story with Mariah, this changed her life. She said that this chance encounter was the beginning for her when it came to realizing that being gay was "okay." After trying to shut out the feelings her entire life, the wall came down and she finally was able to go on with life "letting myself be real," she said in a People Magazine interview.

Being gay is part of who Mariah is, and telling her parents was probably one of the most normal life scenes to play out on "Sister Wives." It is ironic that Meri would get upset when it is the bedroom hopping of Kody that seems like the strange behavior when it comes to relationships on this show!