“General Hospital” spoilers and news say it might be a while before Robert Scorpio is back after a late-night Twitter rant on January 3rd. Tristan Rogers, the actor that plays the WSB spy, admitted to boozing when he invited “GH” fans to engage with him. The results were shocking. Tristan lambasted the current writers and left many wondering if he’ll be asked back to the ABC soap.

Tweeting and wine don’t mix

Tuesday evening, Tristan tweeted out, “I’ve had a drink or three” and encouraged fans to ask him questions. One super-fan, Pam Petrakos, asked, “what would be your dream storyline if/when Robert would return to GH?”

Tristan quipped a cutting remark about the current writing regime with, “Something that makes sense.

So clearly it ain’t going to happen." The alcohol-fueled criticism didn’t stop there. The actor also told fans he was drinking wine but said tomorrow may be a “vodka sofa,” then joked about auto-correct.

Cracks about low ratings

In addition to cracking on the writers, Tristan brought up the lower ratings. Another fan, Rhonda Thompson, asked the actor, “they cant write a s/l im being honest here back then 80s 90s gh u coudlnt get me away from the show." If you don’t know, “s/l” means storyline.

Tristan replied to this fan, “I’ll bet they can now,” which seems like he's saying the writing is turning off “GH” fans and this is evidenced by lower ratings.

He wasn’t pulling any punches. Tristan also answered a question about what superpower he’d want by saying, “To turn ‘water into wine.' I mean good wine.”

Highs and lows from the past

Tristan answered fan questions about his childhood in Australia, then talk came back to “GH” when he was asked if he misses the WSB.

He replied, “I miss the WSB as it was. Not what its become." Clearly Tristan isn’t impressed with much on “General Hospital” these days.

The actor did share some fond recollections of the “GH” heyday in the 80s when asked about his favorite plot. He said, “The Ice Princess." It was so silly. Just a hoot to be part of it.” He also said working with Demi Moore was fun when asked about her short time on the show as Jackie.

Love scenes and 'Y&R'

Tristan also scooped on his love life when he was asked if he and Emma Samms (ex-Holly) “ever make love in real life” and he replied saucily, “We dated for over a year. So… Yeah we may have.” He also said of Robert and Holly, “It’s a story that really needs closure. But it won’t happen.”

When asked about Anthony Geary (ex-Luke) and if they talk, the actor said, “No and I don’t expect to.” He also talked about upcoming scenes on “The Young and The Restless” as Colin, and while he wouldn’t give details, he said he likes working with Jess Walton.

Is Robert gone for good after this?

Last we saw Robert, he came to Port Charles to deliver a message from Luke and talked about the thermos embryo with Lulu and Dante. Recently, Anna called “Robert” on the phone for WSB business but he wasn’t heard or seen.

Has Tristan irritated “GH” bosses with this Twitter rant, and will he not be back as Robert anytime soon as a consequence? Is there a reason that the actor seemed disgruntled with “General Hospital”? Tyler Christopher tweeted a tease about returning as Nikolas, but his Twitter talk was very positive.

“General Hospital” is on ABC weekdays and there are good things coming with Finn’s drug addiction and Blake Berris’ guest arc as recast Spinelli, plus more as Franco tries to solve Tom’s murder. Don’t miss a day!