Elvis Presley, best known as the King of Rock and Roll would have celebrated his 82nd birthday on Sunday, January 8th, had he survived that deadly, massive heart attack in August of 1977.

Fans remember Elvis Presley

Elvis remains one of the most popular celebrity entertainers in history. To this day, dedicated fans young and old cannot get enough news, music. and information pertaining to not only Elvis, but everyone in his family or associated with it. Presley news seekers continue to stay on high alert for Presley family information.

Oddly enough, it is still plentiful to find.

There is always new, lost music being released, never-before-seen photos, and top secret information being leaked, and let us not forget the ever-so-popular Elvis sightings based on the fan theory that Elvis is still alive. Every few months, reports of an Elvis Presley sighting emerges, the latest with video, claiming Elvis is alive and working as the gardener at Graceland.

Could Elvis Presley be alive?

As previously reported, HBO is set to release a new documentary two-part mini-series this Spring. The film will delve into Elvis' life and career in music, and is directed by award-winning Thom Zeny. Stay tuned for updates on the exact dates that HBO will air the new docuseries.

Another topic of interest is Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis' only daughter with ex-Priscilla Presley.

Lisa made news headlines last year for a number of reasons, her divorce, custody battle, but mostly her stint in rehab for prescription pain pill addiction. Lisa checked into a California rehab facility last August. There have been no reports updating her status, so it is presumed she is still seeking treatment.

Some shocking details have also come out about the King's daughter concerning her childhood.

Lisa recently revealed growing up as Elvis' daughter was not an easy life. The 48-year-old singer and mother described her life as a "living hell." She also reportedly claimed as a young child she was sexually molested by one of her dad's closest celebrity friends.

She added that her rocky relationship with her mom, Priscilla, on top of her own struggles, has a lot to do with her reasons for turning to drugs. How different do you believe things would have turned out for the Presleys had Elvis lived past the age of 42?