“General Hospital” spoilers from a leaked "GH" script say Franco is found after his brutal attack. He goes from shivering in bubble wrap to "GH." That brutal head wound puts him in the hospital.

Franco arrested at hospital?

The leaked script shows lots of visitors in Franco's room at "GH," including Anna, Griffin, Kiki, and Nathan. Is Nathan there to arrest the reformed serial killer? Will anyone believe he was attacked while investigating Tom's murder? Jordan is a terrible cop and usually arrests the wrong guy, so will Franco wind up cuffed to his hospital bed?

Will it be Sam and Elizabeth who exonerate him? Today they discuss that Alexis and Franco are both suspects and agree to work together.

Will this prove Franco has changed?

So many people in Port Charles don’t believe Franco has changed. Sam understandably believes he’s still the same terrible guy who tormented her and videotaped it. But after Franco’s heartfelt apology and explanation to Jake that Sam was right to dislike him, it has her rethinking things.

Sam will be hit with harsh truths when she goes to talk to Alexis after Elizabeth shares her suspicions and Alexis confesses that she might have killed Tom. Sam will be stunned by her mom's boozing and confession. This is all such a mess!

Upcoming Franco spoilers

On Thursday, January 19th, Elizabeth finds Franco's bloody phone and tells Sam about Alexis and Tom Baker.

On Monday, January 23rd, Kiki and Elizabeth swap notes on Franco, and Elizabeth goes to Scotty for assistance. Franco is found not too long after. On Tuesday, January 25th, “General Hospital” spoilers say Franco will face consequences for his actions. By the end of the month, Franco confronts Seth. Does Franco agree that Seth killed his rapist brother Tom?

More upcoming "GH" spoilers include Griffin meeting Olivia Jerome and it’s explosive. Bryan Craig wants to come back to “General Hospital” now and then. Plus, Olivia Jerome goes public with her return from the dead!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. There is no show tomorrow, Friday, January 20th because of the new POTUS inauguration.

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