Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" fans. Yep, it's really true. You can put away any plans that you had of watching a new January 20th,2017 episode, because it's just not going to happen. Here's the reason. We have a new President elect of the United States that we're Inaugurating tomorrow. His name is, of course, Donald Trump. He's going to be our 45th president. Every major network, which includes CBS, will be covering this Inauguration event, so "Bold And The Beautiful" will, unfortunately, be taking a back seat to that.

6 hours for this thing

CBS will be devoting six,whopping hours of coverage for this thing, starting at 9am in the morning all the way until 3pm in the afternoon.

If any of you guys are a fan of Donald Trump, or just really into politics, this will probably make your day. For the rest of you, it'll probably fill it with gloom. Oh well. That's the way it works sometimes. On the other hand, you do have the option of flipping the channel, maybe find something new to watch, run an errand, or whatever. The show will definitely be back on Monday January 23rd,2017.

Now, this is not an article that's full of all bad news. We do have a couple of teaser spoilers that will be taking place in the future. Unfortunately, we're not sure exactly when they'll happen. We just know that they're going to happen. So, lets get into those. It turns out that things are going to get real crazy and intense on the Steffy and Liam front.

The big Liam ultimatum

At some point, Liam is going to do exactly what I've been suspecting. He's going to serve her up a wicked ultimatum, which is never good. So here's how it goes. He's going to tell her that if she doesn't hurry up and freaking choose him over Wyatt, that he's actually going to leave town forever! So, he's totally going to put himself in a bad position, because nobody like to be backed into a corner, and he's probably going to have to leave town!

My.my, my.

Steffy runs off with Wyatt

Next, we have another situation where Liam is not going to be able to get a hold of Steffy, because she's ,apparently, run off with Wyatt to only God knows where. They didn't mention where they run off to, so it'll be interesting to find out where in the hell did they go. This situation is going to cause Liam to go ahead and hop on a plane out of there, so it sounds like he's really going to leave.

How will Steffy react when she finds out? That's definitely going to be something that I want to see.

Quinn's wild idea

In this last teaser, we have Quinn, making suggestions to Eric to consider making Ridge the co-CEO of Forrester Creations, claiming it might help ease all the tension that the family is experiencing. They don't reveal if Eric actually takes her advice or not, so we'll definitely want to see if that happens. Stay tuned.