“General Hospital” spoilers for the week starting Monday January 16th say the mystery lady boss is revealed, and we all know by now it’s Olivia Jerome since Tonja Walker debuts that day, and she had a photo of baby Julian in her desk at the pawn shop.

Surprise wedding with shocking twist

Nathan decides to surprise Maxie with a wedding and throws it all together. A new promo video (see below) shows them getting ready for the nuptials, and then, just as they’re ready to say “I do,” someone interrupts the wedding, but who is it? It’s likely not Claudette.

Maybe the new mobster, but why? How about Frisco? That would be an amazing OMG cameo. “GH” spoilers say Nathan has a moment of panic when he can’t find Maxie, but she shows, plus Blake Berris is there as Spinelli to officiate. Plus, Robin is there!

Franco gone – the search is on!

Franco is missing after the brick attack outside Gene’s bar. The cops have a warrant for his arrest, and the PCPD dimwits assume he ran off, but Elizabeth and Kiki know something foul is afoot, and he’s missing. They go looking for him. Elizabeth goes to Sam about Tom’s murder and they figure out how to clear Alexis and Franco. Elizabeth goes to Scotty and asks for his help. Jordan goes against Andre’s wishes and she and Curtis get closer.

That’s a triangle time bomb ticking.

Cassadine and mob drama

Lulu tries to get closer to her daughter, and tells Charlotte she’s her mom. Charlotte overhears that Claudette is dead when Griffin attacks Valentin at the wedding, and makes vile accusations. Anna recovers more memories about Valentin that are vivid.

Rudge hires a hitman to take out Jason, who has become a major annoyance, and Sam has a pregnancy scare that might tie into the investigation.

“General Hospital” spoilers say Sonny considers confessing his night with Nelle. Valentin shares his true feelings with someone.

No 'GH' on Friday, January 20th

Donald Trump’s inauguration is Friday, so there is no “General Hospital,” but as the next week kicks off, Sam figures out what her mom is hiding, Jason gets sick, Julian tries blackmail, Alexis works hard on sobriety, and Elizabeth is in harm’s way on Franco’s behalf.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC. Be sure to catch up on the news of Bryan Craig’s split from Kelly Thiebaud, plus the “GH rumor mill has picked up speed regarding the possible return of Tyler Christopher.

“General Hospital” spoiler video of Naxie wedding: