This year the 43rd People’s Choice Awards took place in Los Angeles. The Microsoft Theater was filled with many entertainers and creators, waiting to see the winners. Comedian Joel McHale was the host for the evening, and opened the show up with his co stars from The Great Indoors. In the skit, he shared with them that he was hosting the awards show. His co stars did not look too excited after McHale shared the news, but he said, “I’m the people’s choice, and when have the people ever been wrong?”

The votes are in

McHale was not the only person that the people chose this year.

Different entertainers and creators gathered together to see the winners of 2017. Rihanna won Favorite R&B Artist, Britney Spears won Favorite Pop Artist, Orange is the New Black won the People’s Choice Award, and Johnny Depp won Favorite Movie Icon. There were other big winners, but Ellen DeGeneres took home the most wins from People’s Choice Awards, making history with 20 wins.

Ellen DeGeneres takes home her 20th win

Ellen took home the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Daytime TV Host, Favorite Animated Movie Voice, and Favorite Comedic Collaboration. During her speech, she expressed her amazement saying, “This is amazing . . . seventeen, I get it. Eighteen, sure. Nineteen, I can see that.

But twenty is outrageous.” Before her speech, Justin Timberlake, who won Favorite Male Artist, presented Ellen with a presenting speech. “She’s a trailblazer, a rule-breaker, a relentless philanthropist, a Presidential Medal of Freedom winner.” He ends with “I’m talking, of course, about Portia’s baby mama, Ellen DeGeneres!”

Ellen gets on stage and goes right into her thank you speech.

Of course, this speech was as vibrant as her personality, so she says this: “The only thing that would make me happier — and not, not a lot happier because this makes me happy — but if it was voted on my animals because I love animals, and I think they know how much I love them," she kidded. "But animals aren't organized enough to have an awards ceremony. At least I have not seen one." Congratulations to Ellen!