Here we are, impatiently waiting for the end of the winter break of the TV seriesHow to Get Away With Murder." The last episode of the season shocked the audience, as the dead body’s mysterious identity was revealed: the victim was Wes Gibbins, one of the most important characters.

Is Wes really dead?

The end of the breathtaking episode, which happens to be the last one of the third season, left us with a lot of questions that won’t have an answer until January 19th, 2017, when the series will be broadcasted again. In the meanwhile, there are definitely some theories making the rounds.

What everybody is wondering is whether or not Wes is really dead. An authoritative source, the creator Pete Nowalk, gave a reply that does not leave any doubt, that yes, Wes is dead.

The same Nowalk revealed later how the decision was not made at the beginning of shooting, but actually during it. More precisely, during the making of the seventh episode. Then he added that the remaining episodes will be all about the two hours between the moment when Wes leaves the police station and the discovery of his dead body at Keating’s house.

What’s the truth behind Wes Gibbins’ death?

The only positive aspect for the fans is that the actor who plays Wes, Alfred Enoch, is present in the next episodes, as the murderers identity still needs to be revealed.

Moreover, all the explanations will be given gradually. Some of the potential suspects include Atwood and the Mahoneys. About that, Nowalk told TVLine: "Obviously, there’s a big investigation going on into Annalise. And it’s no coincidence that Wes just happened to testify against the Mahoneys the episode before he died. They both played a pivotal role."

To conclude, there are other possible assassins: the murderer could be Bonnie, especially after the new revelations about Rebecca’s death, or Connor, who once threatened to kill Wes, or maybe the same old Frank? The answers will arrive soon, and, in the meantime, fans will just have to wait for the new episodes to arrive.