File this under “General Hospital” spoilers and rumors, but Tyler Christopher is stirring up fan hopes, tweeting about a possible return as Nikolas Cassadine. With no recast announcement, dare we hope that TPTB at “GH” might bring back the incredible actor? ABC is shaking things up at the soap, so maybe it could happen.

Tyler tweets a ray of hope to fans

On January 4th, Tyler tweeted out to “GH” watchers, “Thanks for the continued ‘GH’ love after all these months away. Wish I could respond to everyone. Very much appreciated. Never say never.” It’s not a confirmation of a return to the soap, but it’s a ray of hope for fans that adore Nikolas and love Tyler in the role.

This is good news in a week of lots of “GH” action.

If you remember when he left the show, it was not a voluntary resignation. “GH” reportedly dealt harshly with several actors during contract renewals. That’s why Elizabeth went missing for a week or so when Rebecca Herbst was in contract talks. Tyler said his leaving came down to money but he wanted to stay. Maybe Frank Valentini has changed his mind.

'General Hospital' coming and goings

Don Swayze starts a two-day arc as Buzz on Wednesday, January 5th. Then on Friday, January 13th, Blake Berris debuts as Spinelli.

Valerie actress Brytni Sarpy has been dropped to recurring and will be seen only occasionally, while Nelle actress Chloe Lanier has been bumped up and is now in the opening credits when you check out “GH” episodes this week.

It’s not just the cast that has “General Hospital” comings and goings, there are backstage changes as well.

Kate Hall has returned as a script writer to “GH." She worked at “All My Children” from 2008 through 2011, then came over to “GH” when “AMC” shut down. Then last year, Kate went over to “The Young and The Restless,” but now, “GH” lured her back.

Kate shared a tidbit of a script on Twitter that shows her first script will shoot on January 9th, to air on February 7th.

“GH” fans seem excited about her return and there are good things coming in January. Franco finds Tom’s killer, Alexis hits rock bottom after Julian hides her booze, Sam is kidnapped, and Nathan and Maxie get married.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.