Despite being an executive producer for "The New Celebrity Apprentice," this didn't stop Donald Trump from holding back his thoughts. Trump slammed his successor Arnold Schwarzenegger after the ratings tanked in comparison to the days Trump was at the helm. Schwarzenegger refused to vote for Trump and he voiced his opinion about not voting for the man whose shoes he would later try to fill on "The New Celebrity Apprentice."

Slams predecessor

Trump didn't let that go, he made sure to mentioned who Schwarzenegger did vote for while tweeting about the show's premiere not doing well in the ratings.

Monday night was the first "The Celebrity Apprentice" that Schwarzenegger hosted and the show brought in 4.9 million views. When Donald Trump premiered this show in 2004 18.5 million tuned in to see the real estate mogul say "you're fired."

Ratings tank

Even with Donald Trump as the star of the show the ratings waned through the years, with the last season premiere hosted by Trump bringing in only 6.5 million viewers, almost one-third of his very first premiere a decade earlier. The ratings for the show came out today and Trump took to Twitter to tell it just like it is. Below is what Trump tweeted Friday morning about his replacement on "The New Celebrity Apprentice."

As the headline from Politico suggests, "Trump berates his 'Apprentice' replacement Schwarzenegger." Trump didn't just let it go with that, he also said that Schwarzenegger got "swamped" and adds "(or destroyed)" as seen in the tweet below.

Twitter mood

It looks like Donald Trump was in a mood this morning to call out the people who were so sure of themselves when it came to the election.

Before tweeting about Schwarzenegger tanking on "The New Celebrity Apprentice" he went after Hillary Clinton who was so self-assured she was the next president of this nation that she had an elaborate fireworks display planned to celebrate her win.

Trump was quick to note that when Hillary Clinton knew she was "in big trouble" with the election, she canceled those fireworks "at the last minute." He also tweeted how Hillary and the Democrats can never "beat the passion" shown by his voters.

Twitter Trump's news channel!

Twitter has become the place to go for the masses to get the news on the President-elect. Some find having to read Trump's thoughts on the nation via a tweet unnerving. With that said, there are many others who find being able to read his words and only his words refreshing.

By using Twitter to share his thoughts Trump doesn't leave himself wide open to having his words go through a spin and dry cycle before getting to the masses. This administration is offering transparency via Trump's tweets, as his thoughts aren't lost after being filtered through the news.