“General Hospital” spoilers say fans were unhappy when Nathan and Maxie’s wedding was wrecked by her flu and his being married to liar Claudette. For those Naxie shippers, there's good news. A brand new “GH” video shows the two will marry and Spinelli officiates – but it’s not Bradford Anderson!

A trail of broken weddings

Nathan and Maxie have a rough track record with weddings. Remember her disastrous almost-nuptials with Levi Dunkelman? That was bad, but her catching the flu, then taking sleepy meds that knocked her out before her wedding to Nathan was worse.

Nathan agonized when he dropped the rings and then things got worse when he found out he never got divorced from Claudette. Many “GH” watchers were annoyed at the wedding day silliness. How could the man not know he wasn’t legally divorced?

Happily ever after at last for Naxie?

Things are looking up for Nathan and Maxie and they soon get their happy ending. On Wednesday, January 4th, Nathan tells Maxie they’ll find Claudette and get his divorce. On Tuesday, January 10th, “General Hospital” spoilers say Nathan and Maxie leave town to find her.

On Friday, January 13th, Blake Berris debuts as recast Damian Spinelli. He’s slated for a handful of appearances since Bradford Anderson had a conflict shooting “Homeland” and he’ll be the one to officiate the Naxie wedding.

The picture above is from the new promo video, see below.

What happened to Claudette?

Nathan and Maxie will be married soon, so the Claudette divorce issue must be resolved fast. Nathan and Maxie might find Claudie and get her to sign the documents. The other option is that Nathan and Maxie find out Claudette is dead and then he’s a widow, so no problem getting remarried.

Did Valentin dump Claudette in a shallow grave somewhere or is she hiding out? There’s resolution soon since the second Naxie wedding is confirmed. Sam and Jason will be on hand but she faces some mob drama soon that she must get out of first.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC. There’s more Nelle action coming soon and “GH” watchers are braced for the return of Morgan.