A player survey has shown that the NFL Players think that Eli Manning is the most overrated passer in the game. If he is the most overrated player, then I am definitely King Kong. I think it is more likely that players are mad at the fact that he has managed to win two Super Bowls and beat the Patriots when no one else could. Look at all the players and organizations that have had their seasons spoiled by the Patriots. You cannot tell me Eli Manning is overrated when you are still upset with him for beating your team or being better than you.

The vote seems like locker room gossip

The vote on who is the most overrated player in the league sounds more like locker room gossip than any actual vote. If you really wanted to vote on who the most overrated player is, you would have to get guys to be honest in a moment of truth. Most of them had too long to think about it, and they just said, Eli Manning, because he is the hot goat right now. Everyone wants to blame Eli for the Giants falling apart, but they have forgotten that that team has done nothing without him. It would make more sense for them to say someone like Eric Flowers just because he was drafted too high. Sadly, that is not actually his fault. No, it should be someone who is getting press when they do not deserve it.

Try Odell

Odell Beckham Jr is the most overrated player in football for one reason: his attitude. The man has the attitude of a child, and he has just strung the Giants up to dry by getting hurt and not taking care of himself. It is not like he got hurt in a freak accident. No. He was already hurt, and then he played around on that leg, and he got hurt again.

He made it worse because he did not want to be serious about football, and the Hollywood lifestyle caught up with him. That is big talk for a guy who barely makes a couple million a year. I do not care what your endorsements are. You have to act like a professional.

Alex Smith

I would never vote for Alex Smith for this, but I could see how someone would.

You might assume that the real hero in Kansas City is Kareem Hunt. If that is the case, that is fine. That is a legitimate reason to vote for Alex Smith to be overrated. I would imagine more players thought this because they have seen him be a game manager for so long they would just assume this year is an aberration.

Matt Ryan

Again, I could see you voting for Ryan because you think he is not as good as his recent stats suggest. The bottom line is that NFL players are gossipy, unimaginative, and silly. They need to think about so they can vote with a little bit of wisdom. Otherwise, they look like they do not watch their own game.