LeBron James has Run out of excuses. He is not exactly a leader so much as he is a failed GM and owner. He wanted to have complete control over the Cavs, and this is what has happened. He is so pathetic that he might actually get Tyronn Lue fired after he convinced Lue to stab David Blatt in the back to take his job. This same guy complains constantly that he has no help, but he clearly runs the franchise. He sounds like he is a sixth grader. He wants to go best two out of three when he loses the first time. "No, that was not right." This is the kind of guy you are rooting for if you love the Cavs, and I feel so badly for you.

LeBron is going to drag this franchise into the abyss and then leave.

The complaints never stop

The complaints with LeBron never stop. If he has a bad game, it is because the team has a bad roster. Never mind that he likes taking credit when he puts the team on his back. He likes to think of himself as Jesus. He is the savior until it comes time to do the hard work and actually take responsibility for his actions. If LeBron is terrible, he will never tell you, but he will tell Dwyane Wade to get it together. He will move Wade in and out of the lineup. He will do anything to deflect blame.

He did this

LeBron put Tyronn Lue in place. Could you imagine that meeting? "Tyronn, you are going to go behind your boss' back to get his job.

No worries, bruh, how do you think I got to Miami and won two titles?" Now that Lue has outlived his usefulness, he will probably be discarded, and LeBron will shrug and wonder where it all went wrong. It is all his fault, but he will not admit it. The master manipulator will make you think it is your fault. What is Tyronn Lue supposed to do with a guy who cannot be coached, a roster with plenty of talent he cannot use, and a franchise that is not even run by the actual owner?

Lue aligned himself with the bad guy, and now he has to fall on the sword for him.

I will disown them

If LeBron signs with the Lakers in the offseason, I have to disown them. I refuse to root for a team that would think this guy is worth signing. There has to be a point at which character comes into play. At least someone like Ron Artest or Rasheed Wallace was honest about how volatile they were.

LeBron is quietly volatile. He is the kind of person who never tells you he hates you, but then he ruins your life one day because he feels like it. I am waiting for when he discards Wade and Isaiah Thomas. He runs the team, and it is only a matter of time before his ego destroys more players.