The Giants are in a tailspin after losing to the Lions on Monday night. They did not score a touchdown, and they were not able to protect Eli Manning. Many things went wrong in the loss, but the biggest problem is what happened after the game when Ben Mcadoo was asked about how the team could have corrected simple mistakes. He blamed a late Delay Of Game call on Eli Manning, and he might as well have held up a sign that says, "I am not fit to lead." How do the Giants correct this problem? Can they correct this problem?

You cannot blame Eli Manning

You cannot blame anything on Eli Manning, that Eli Manning is not in control of. Sure, there are delay of game calls in football, but Eli Manning is running for his life constantly. He is in distress all the time, and he will be hurt badly if they do not fix the offensive line in New York. Eli needs to play better, but he already knows that. He cannot be held accountable for a delay of game call when the coach is standing on the sideline and could have called a timeout to stop the penalty from happening. Ben McAdoo is completely wrong in his assessment of what happened late last night, and he has proven that he is not fit to coach in the NFL.

This is offensive

Ben McAdoo cannot accuse Eli Manning of making a bad call in a pressure situation when Ben McAdoo has done nothing on the offensive side of the ball.

Eli Manning has been the Super Bowl MVP twice, won the Super Bowl almost by himself twice, and is going to the hall of fame when he retires. Ben McAdoo, what has he done to make the Giants great? There is not a thing we can point to that tells us that he is even worthy of having his job. He most certainly has not actually done anything to make the team better.

Blaming your quarterback for something that you could have stopped is a fireable offense.

Fire him now

If this writer were the owner of the Giants, McAdoo would have been fired this morning. It is not acceptable to run around acting as if you are the smartest person in the room when you could not think to call a timeout to prevent the delay of game call.

Ben McAdoo did not even realize that they should have been kicking a field goal on the play in question, and McAdoo is not putting any pressure on people like the offensive line or the receivers. The Giants are a disaster that is all Ben McAdoo's making. He has allowed it to get out of control, but he wants to stew in the corner like he is the smartest person in the room. The smartest person in the room is Eli Manning. We know that.