Alex Smith was very upset about a Late hit on him that he said was flagrant and obvious. The problem is that that does not make any sense. All the guys in the NFL are going as fast as they can, and it would be very easy for them to get hurt or hurt someone else because you cannot stop on a dime. I think that we forget that because these guys are such good athletes, but you cannot expect anyone to just slam on the brakes and not hit you. Plus, you signed up to get hit for a living. I mean, that is your fault.

The hits will always be harder

Every player in the NFL is working out more and doing more to hit harder.

Defensive players get paid to hit people as hard as they can, and we cannot blame them for that. How can you ask someone to stop hitting the other players when that is their job? I find it all a bit weird, and I think that Alex Smith needs to get over it. He knew that people who play defense want to hit him, and he should be prepared for that. If a guy cannot stop his forearm motion, that is too bad. How can we legislate how a guy stops running. A lot of times, you honestly cannot stop yourself.

Alex Smith has legs

I find it funny that Alex Smith is not putting any pressure on himself to get out of the way. He has legs that work, and I think we should expect him to use them. Right now, he is the MVP of the league, and he needs to act like it.

You cannot do the diva thing right now when you are proving yourself to the whole league. You cannot go through a season like this and make yourself look like a fool. Just take the hits and keep on going, People get hurt all the time, and most guys in the NFL get hit a lot more than you do. Alex, please just play the position and do your job.

The Chiefs offensive line has a job

If Alex Smith wants to be mad at someone, he needs to make sure that he talks to his offensive line. He needs to get on them about protection, and the team needs to be much more careful with how they run each play. I would be very interested to find out what happens in practice this week, and I hope that the Chiefs do their job because they could get Alex Smith killed.

He is making a case for Patrick Mahomes to sit on the bench for a few years, and he needs to be allowed to make that case for a few more years. If he is going to get badly hurt, that is it. He needs to be more mad about that than he does about the hits. He needs to make sure that his team has a very keen understanding of how important it is that he is not touched, and we will see if he can convince them to step it up.