Jerry Jones actually wants to sue the NFL because he is mad at Roger Goodell. Could you imagine being that privileged and pathetic? If you are a Cowboys fan and this makes you mad -- tough. Get over it. You officially are a fan of the worst franchise in sports because no other franchise ruins it for everyone else just because they did not get their way. The Cowboys are making the NFL look worse than it already has, and this will be the beginning of the slow death of the NFL. At the very best, Jerry Jones loves himself so much that he will destroy the NFL so that everyone knows that he was right.

The blind lunacy

Jerry Jones is appealing to that loser who sits on his couch watching Fox News all day where they extol the virtues of the worst president in the history of this country. Jerry Jones is preying on stupid people because he knows that they like football and did not pay attention in school. Those same people love football so much that they will cheer for Jerry because he is fighting those fancy suits up in New York City. I know you read that with the requisite hick accent. Jones knows for a fact that stupid people will support him just like they voted for Donald Trump. So, if you're Bubba who has been a Cowboys fan forever, you are looking for Jerry Jones.

The Cowboys are boring

The Cowboys are boring to watch, and they are boring to talk about.

The only reason to give them any press is to get under the skin of a grown man like Jerry Jones who has the maturity of a four-year-old. He has not worked for anything a day in his life. He just preys on people who are not very smart. He has been suckering Cowboys fans for years into believing that he loves this team. He loves himself, and that makes the team impossible to watch.

I could care less about Dak Prescott. I could care less about this offensive line or the implications of their play in the NFC East. We are at the point where Jones has made the Cowboys so disgusting that it would be fine if they went away and never came back.

The Eagles are better

If you are a Cowboys fan, you should know that I am openly mocking your team because the Eagles are so much better.

They decided to build their team like normal human beings, and their owner is not a crazy person. They may be in the armpit of America, but at least they are not ruining the NFL for anyone else. They might be some of the only enjoyable football we will get this year considering how bad the NFL product is. You can thank Jerry Jones for dumbing the NFL down to the point where the Eagles are the only good thing we can hold on to.