Eli Manning and the giants beat the Broncos in Denver, but that does not mean that they have been fixed. This means that there is some sliver of hope in this team, and they need to be given the best chance to win right now. They have to be given something to hold on to that makes them feel like they can be competitive, and they have to start getting ready for next season. If they are going to keep Eli Manning, they need to start thinking of who else has to go.

They have pieces

I have seen reports that the Giants might want to trade Manning to the Jags, but that makes no sense if you wanted to get a few more good years out of him.

However, if you are completely done, then you need to trade him for a mint. They have pieces that may be used to get more offensive line help, or they may start trading for picks that they can use to rebuild around a new quarterback. If they choose to keep Eli Manning, they need to trade pieces to get a better offensive line because they have something on defense even if it is not great.

They need a new coach

They either need a new coach, or they have to change their personnel to fit his scheme. That would mean they are going to trade Eli, but it would also mean that they would have to make wholesale changes. They could easily get a lot back if they starting flipping the roster, but they have to make a decision soon because it is completely stupid for them to wait too long.

They need to either hire a new coach, or they need to start building with what they have.

Fire Jerry Reese

They need to fire Jerry Reese for not knowing that this was going to happen. Injuries stink, but this is far beyond some random injuries that caught them off guard. Reese knew that he had no talent at all, and he just let the team go into the season as if they had a chance to do anything at all.

That is not only pathetic, but it shows that he has lost his touch. He might have done some good things for this team, but it looks like the NFL might have passed him by.

They need to decide who they are

The Giants have always been very patient, but they have been left in the middle of a terrible season by an overmatched GM. They might need to decide if they are going to stay the stoic Giants or try to fix it right now.

They have already made it clear that they do not want to get rid of Eric Flowers, but that does not mean that they cannot make other changes. They need to choose to do something that is definitive. If they do not have a real direction, they have thrown away their identity because they think it is not that bad. It is definitely that bad.