Roy Moore has been accused of trying to start relationships with Teenage Girls, and it is alleged in one case that he actually approached the girl with her mother standing right there. You might not want to loop all southern people together with this redneck, but the simple truth is that the south is a seething cauldron of racism, bigotry, and Bible-thumping that you cannot deny. Remember that these people are going to church on Sunday to learn about a white Jesus who hates poor people even though the Bible they read from was translated by a King with a gay lover.

They hate people of color, and they hate people who are not like them. They are so willing to sell themselves out for the Bible that they do not even understand that they will accept Roy Moore and even vote for him again. This is the scourge of Trumpism in America.

They will condone anything

The south is so uneducated and so dumb that it will literally endorse anything that is associated with a white control. They are not even smart enough to realize that they are supporting white control. All they know is that they do not want to associate with people who look like them. Then, they allow people like Roy Moore to get elected, and they will still support him even though he has been exposed. These people are so thoughtless that all they can think of is the Ten Commandments and the Bibles they do not even understand.

They will vote for Roy Moore because he is a "Christian" even though we all know that he clearly is not.

Roy Moore's reign of terror

If a judge in your community wants to date your teenage daughter, you kind of have to let him do what he wants. These small hick towns in the south are overloaded with people who do not know what to do if a powerful person wants something from them.

We have seen men with power get away with a lot, and small towns do nothing but use gossip to make life miserable. Someone like Roy Moore could ruin anyone he wants to, and the girl and her mother who have been alleged to be involved in this incident just had no choice but to keep their mouths shut. What are you supposed to do when you are trapped in Hicksville with no chance of escape.

Stop stereotyping

I am from the south, and I see this all the time. Yes, there are plenty of liberal and enlightened people in the south, but they do not do things like this. They care about people, and they are educated. The unwashed Rednecks will vote for Roy Moore because they outnumber the liberals, do not care what happens as long as they have white control, and have no thoughts of their own.