The Carolina Panthers have had a team meeting where they appear to have decided that they will Continue the kneeling Protest during the national anthem even though other teams might be scaling back. We do not know specifics of how they will protest, but it looks like they will continue for as long as they can. They have decided as a team that they will continue to push this protest forward, and that will bring the protest into he basketball season. The NBA could have avoided this because they have not played a game yet, but they cannot because at least the Panthers will still be doing this.

That makes this protest much more interesting because it might not ever die.

Why protest?

The issues that are the basis of the protest have not been resolved. The protest will continue as long as someone wants to make a change. The athletes in the NFL are going to keep protesting in some way if they think that their business is not finished. They could never be cut because of it because there would be an uproar over it, and that is why the protest will persist. Trump had to run his mouth, and now the protest will make it to the basketball season.

Basketball will protest

Basketball teams will have to protest because they need to be sure that they are a part of this. They will be in the middle of the protest talk because someone will still be talking about the protest.

That does not mean that the basketball players all across the NBA will protest, but it does mean that someone will. You will probably have some teams protest together, and you will have others who di it in fragments. Some teams might not come out of the locker room, but you will still have to talk about it because these teams will be embroiled in it.

The conversation will have to go on all season because someone will kneel 81 times for the anthem. Now, you have the protests go into the baseball season.

Baseball will see protests

We already have players in the MLB kneeling for the anthem, and that will continue into next season. There is no reason to believe that players will not kneel because they clearly want to be a part of the narrative.

That means that the protest can last until the football season starts again, and the protest will never stop. You might have seen the beginning of something that will go on for a very long time until the people who are oppressed and afraid are given the care that they need. This protest might never stop because of the Carolina Panthers.