The feud between Donald Trump and the National Football League is not showing any signs of slowing down. While the president has received massive backlash for his recent remarks, right-wing firebrand Tomi Lahren had a hard time holding back her thoughts on social media.

Tomi on NFL

When Donald Trump touched down in Alabama last Friday night, he did so with the intention of campaigning for Luther Stranger, his choice in the GOP Senate run-off election to fill the seat left vacant by Jeff Sessions. However, Trump went off script and decided to bring up the increased national anthem protests taking place before NFL football games.

During his speech, the president labeled those who protest the National Anthem as a "son of a bitch," before encouraging owners to fire the players who took a knee. In the 48 hours since the speech in question, Trump has faced massive backlash from his critics and the NFL, which he's responded to by lashing out on social media. The consensus appears to be almost universally negative from the majority of the mainstream media and the NFL, but that hasn't stopped some of the president's most loyal supporters from defending him. As seen on her Twitter and Facebook accounts on September 24, recently hired Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren appeared to lose her temper over the issue at hand.

First taking to her Twitter feed, Tomi Lahren sent out several tweets in support of Donald Trump's argument about the national anthem and the players who take part in a protest.

"Guessing you're not kneeling to bring awareness to 500 homicides in Chicago this year. The 'oppression' you recognize is rather selective," Lahren tweeted out, in reference to the increase in mostly African-American related shootings in the city.

"Congrats to Colin Kaepernick for popularizing the hatred of America.

Good work, bro. Your buddy George Soros is so proud," Tomi Lahren tweeted in a follow-up post, while using the hashtag "IStand." "NFL officials defending these whiny kneelers are the same folks who denied Dallas Cowboys request to honor slain officers with helmet decal," Lahren added in a third tweet on the matter.

Tomi speaks

Not stopping there, Tomi Lahren then went on a lengthy Facebook rant, elaborating on Donald Trump's grudge with the NFL over the national anthem. "We stand for the anthem and salute the flag out of respect for those who have fought, died and sacrificed so we can live and flourish in the greatest nation on the face of the earth," Lahren wrote.

"It's not a cloth and a song," Tomi Lahren added, before calling out the commissioner of the NFL by name. "Roger Goodell, you disgust me. It's amazing you 'stand' behind these whiny kneelers but denied the Dallas Cowboys request to wear a decal in honor of slain police officers," she continued, while noting, "Your true colors are showing." As she concluded her statement, it showed that some of the president's backers will continue to stand by his side, regardless of the controversy.