The Indianapolis colts are the worst team in football, and they will be very bad until they decide to fix all the problems they have. They cannot get any better unless they fix the problems that they have. They are going to be in very big trouble unless they choose to make a change that actually means something. That means that they have to start from the top and work their way down. There is no way that they can actually get good enough to fix their season, but they have to make a real plan that they will follow through with through this season, the draft and free agency.

Andrew Luck

The Colts have to convince Andrew Luck to stay with the team, and they need to be sure that they have given him the protection that he needs. He has to be sure that he can actually stand in the pocket, and he has to be sure that he is comfortable. The team has to make him feel like he is their priority, and he is not currently their priority. The Colts have currently made their brand a priority. They are flaunting their ability to get high draft picks to everyone who will listen. They must loving the fact that they could draft yet another franchise quarterback and ship him off. I do not believe they actually want to do that, but I do believe that they could easily do that if they wanted.

The offensive line

The Offensive Line has to be completely reshuffled. There are a lot of things they could do with the offensive line from drafting people to signing people. They will have a high draft pick that they could flip to get a lot of picks to draft a whole new set of guys. This is the same plan I have offered for the Seahawks, and it would work well.

Luck is not that old, and you would be able to get guys who can bond with him. He needs that kind of bonding because he could be wounded very badly on the field if that does not happen. Please note the use of the strong language. Andrew Luck has had internal injuries because of football, and it could easily happen again.

The offensive weapons

The Colts have to replace most of their weapons so that they can get the team to completely turn over and have a chance to score points. They could actually trade Jacoby Brissett for new skill position players, and they could get back enough talent to score. They have nothing at the moment, and they will have to outscore teams next year because there is no way that they will ever be able to stop anyone because their defense is pretty bad. The Colts have every chance to change their future, but this season is lost.