Donald Trump and the NFL have engaged in a heated war of words over whether or not players should be allowed to protest the nation anthem. In response, the president has received massive backlash, including push back from former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura.

Ventura on Trump

Ever since Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president back in June 2015, he's found himself surrounded by controversy for making remarks that many find offensive. It all started when Trump labeled illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers" during his campaign announcement, which resulted in wide-spread criticism from the majority of the mainstream media and his political opponents.

Over the next two years, Trump went on to attack anyone who disagreed with him, including fellow Republicans, Democrats, the news media, and even celebrities out in Hollywood. Over the weekend, Trump expanded his enemies list to include members of the sports community, including the NFL and the players who protest the National Anthem, as well as Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. On Sunday, Trump took to Twitter lash out at the NFL during the early afternoon round of games, once again calling on team owners to fire those who take part in the protest. Many individuals gave their thoughts in response to Trump's remarks, including Jesse Ventura during several tweets on September 24.

As seen on his Twitter feed on Sunday, former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura opened up about the recent grudge between Donald Trump and the NFL over the national anthem.

Following Trump's attack social media attack on NFL commissioner Roger Goodel, demanding he make the players stand, Ventura wasted no time firing back. "NO. AS A VETERAN I STAND WITH COLIN KAEPERNICK," Ventura tweeted.

Jesse Ventura then highlighted a tweet from Donald Trump that was sent back in January where the president called "peaceful protests" the "hallmark of our Democracy," pointing out that he supports those who exercise that right.

"FYI - guess he changed his mind. Presidential tweet archive from January 2017," Ventura wrote.

Double down

"You don't have to agree with Colin Kaepernick.

I fight to defend his right to the 1st amendment. Popular speech doesn't need protection," Jesse Ventura went on tweet, continuing his year-long support of Kaepernick and his right to protest. "As a veteran I fought for the rights of all Americans to exercise their first amendment rights. Colin is not disrespecting anything." he added.

Not stopping there, Jesse Ventura went on to double down on his support of Colin Kaepernick and anyone who wishes to peacefully protest, replying to a tweet that accused the players of disrespecting the United States. "He is not disrespecting anything. He is showing what is wrong with America," Ventura wrote, while noting, "I don't stand for the anthem either."