The Carolina Panthers have been pleased with Luke Kuechly since he came into the league, and he is a guinea pig in a product experiment that could help NFL players avoid head injuries. Without getting into he details too much, the collar was designed to use pressure on the jugular vein to create a bit of a cushion in the skull. Kuechly has been wearing the collar this season, but he cannot really talk about it because he is experimenting with it. However, his high school, according to ESPN, has been wearing this collar for four years. Why have we not heard about this?

It is experimental?

This is an interesting piece of technology that will help people avoid injuries because the technology seems to make sense. That means that the people who are wearing it could have increased blood flow that would help protect their brains. these people would be safe enough to get hit more often perhaps, and it could help stop people from getting concussions as often. However, there could be risks that make it less safe to wear. We do not know all the details because we must give the inventor a chance to work out all the kinks and figure out how he can make it or. However, he is clearly onto something. So, why have we not heard about this?

The NFL is not upfront

The NFL is not being very upfront about what could be done to help people be safe playing football, and that might be part of why we have not heard about this.

It is hard for people to come out and say that they are making the game safer because there have to deal with the big bad NFL. The man who invented this might not have wanted to fight the NFL on this, and he knew that he could at least get Kuechly to test it. He is right to be cautious, but you would think that the NFL might have wanted to let us know about this so that we could have a little bit more hope.

This might be the first time a lot of people have heard of this, and that is kind of a sad thing.

Kuechly could make a breakthrough

We might on the cusp of something very simple that could make the NFL a lot safer. Right now, people are wondering if they should even be playing football at all because you are barely allowed to hit in practice, and you are not all that safe Playing The Game.

We are twittering on about player safety, and we need something that can save football. People will watch, and the NFL will make money. However, there will come a time when people are just not playing the game because it is unsafe. Or, this collar could work and make the game better.