Donald Trump made divisive comments about NFL players who have protested during the national anthem. First, we should point out that he does not understand how contracts work. Every player in the league who got fired for protesting during the anthem would win their grievance with the league and probably a lawsuit. Also, you cannot let someone go with cause for sitting down, kneeling, or raising a fist. Now, on to matters of the NFL nature. NFL owners were willing to call out Trump for what he said, but they are not our peers. They are merely stepping stones in the social justice fight.

They responded well

Owners of the Giants, Dolphins, and 49ers made statements resisting Trump's call to stop anthem protests. These owners have said the right things, but they must follow up their words with actions. These men may well be rich white liberals, but they are not our peers. They are in the business of making money in a league that has tried to hide the effects of concussions, has not handled domestic violence well, and promotes toxic masculinity. These owners need to do something that is a lot bigger and says something positive.

Get rid of Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell is a buddy of Robert Kraft. Robert Kraft and Tom Brady are poster children for white privilege in America, and they rub shoulders with Trump.

If Roger Goodell wants to have any legitimacy at all, he has to denounce any relationship he has with Donald Trump. If he does not do that, the owners should move to have him let go as soon as possible. If Trump wants to attack the NFL, the NFL has to be prepared to fight back with some integrity. Roger Goodell literally has no integrity at all.

Sign Colin Kaepernick

Someone needs to sign Colin Kaepernick purely as an act of defiance. We have plenty of teams in this league who could use him, and it could be a team like the Colts or Jets. Kaepernick needs to be in the league so that the owners can back up what they have said. This social justice issue has become a much bigger talking point for the NFL because these owners can say whatever they want.

They can let us know that they know how to prepare a statement, but they have to back up what they said by bringing in the guy who started the protest. If the owners of Giants are so appalled by what Trump said, why were they afraid of losing season ticket holders if they signed Kaepernick? What would be their motivation? They are hypocrites. Every one of these owners is a massive hypocrite, and they know it.