Roger Goodell has been tapped for an extension that would likely take him through the 2024 season, and it is no doubt in response to his leadership in increasing revenues while keeping players in their place. Players have no more leverage than they did when Goodell took over the league, and he is willing to be the judge, jury, and executioner in every player discipline case to ensure that they do not feel empowered. The NFL has had many missteps since Goodell took over, but the owners like making money. Goodell has helped them do that hand over fist.

He has yet to have a signature success

Goodell is a lame duck commissioner in the eyes of the players, but he is a gem in the eyes of the owners. He has not had a signature success because the league was massively profitable before he took over. He has not changed the landscape of their broadcasting rights like Pete Rozelle did, and he has not. Navigated the change to digital culture like Paul Tagliabue did. He is simply steering the ship in a climate where making money for this league is easy. His failures, however, have been massive.

Domestic violence

You cannot blink without hearing about domestic violence that has been perpetrated by players in the NFL, and Roger Goodell has presided over many failed attempts to curtail the problem.

The NFL wants to put on a big show for the public, but they routinely get these punishments wrong. They allowed Greg Hardy to play football again after he was not even sorry for what he did, but Ray Rice was suspended indefinitely after the public hated his original two-game suspension. The Ezekiel Elliot case has taken too long to investigate, and Goodell recently said that the NFL is safe.

He looks clumsy

Everything that Roger Goodell does looks a bit clumsy. He stumbled over himself to correct a player who said he would die on the field happily by claiming that the NFL is safe. He has acted as if marijuana is one of the most-dangerous drugs in the world, but he will not address player safety in tangible ways.

He looks as though he does not care at every step, and he is treating the public as if they cannot read his quotes for themselves.

Goodell is looking to receive an extension because he makes the owners money, and there is no greater motivator in all of football. The owners do everything to make money at the expense of their players, and they have a strong ally in Goodell. He has helped the league grow, but it has been in spite of many wrong steps that he has taken.