Cleveland and Indianapolis will meet on Sunday to decide which team is worse. The Browns at least have a plan for their development, but it appears that the Colts may need to plan to tank for the rest of the season. The Colts have many issues, and they need to have a high draft pick that they can use to improve their team for next season. The Browns will likely win this game, but this might be the time when the colts can decide that they want just to lay down and lose most of their games.

Does tanking work?

Tanking will work for the Colts because they have Andrew Luck on the roster.

They can take the best offensive lineman in the draft, or they can trade down to get two different offensive linemen who have been graded higher. That would be a very good start to rebuilding their team and keeping Andrew Luck safe. This all assumes that the Colts will have Luck next season, but we have no way of knowing if he will return or not. At this point, it is safe to assume that he will stay. However, the Colts could do great if they were able to trade him.

Trading Andrew Luck

Tanking works if the Colts can trade Andrew Luck because they will be given a mint for Andrew Luck because of his perceived worth. They could completely rebuild their franchise in much the same way that the Cowboys did when they traded Hershel Walker.

They could start over with a whole new offense, and we would be looking at something completely different than the team that started the season. We should not assume for even a second that the Colts would not do this because they might get desperate and pull the trigger.

The Browns

Meanwhile, the Browns will start to bring their offense and defense together while they beat up on a bad team.

They can get a lot of confidence from this game, and they can use that confidence going forward. It makes a lot of sense for the Browns to score as much as possible, and they should run up the score if they get the chance. The Cleveland Browns could have a signature win that would let us know that they have arrived. We could look back in a decade and say that this game was the coming out party for this offense.

Those signature wins matter, and they will become a part of football folklore.

Will the Browns learn?

We will find out if the Browns have learned anything from their early losses, and we should check the score to be sure they are keeping the Colts in their place. We know that the Colts are not very good, and they should be beaten down pretty badly because they have no way to defend the Browns or stop their pass rush.