Over the last 24 hours, Donald Trump has engaged in a heated war of worlds with members of the National Football Association (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA). After the commissioner of the NFL spoke out in support of the players, the president wasted no time in firing back.

Trump on NFL

It all started Friday night when Donald Trump arrived in Alabama to attend a rally for Luther Strange, the GOP candidate he's supporting in a Republican run-off election for a Senate seat. During his speech, the issue of the national anthem was brought up, as well as the growing number of NFL players who have decided to take a knee during the song as a form of protest against perceived racism in the United States and police brutality.

Within minutes, the president was met with tremendous backlash, including from some big time professional athletes. Fast forward to Saturday morning and Trump expanded his criticism to Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors, who recently announced he would not attend his team's trip to the White House following their NBA championship win this past summer. Trump then went off on Curry in a morning tweet, which was followed by even more criticism. With tensions rising, Nfl Commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement supporting the players, while accusing Trump of "divisive" language. As seen on his Twitter feed on September 23, Trump had a message and a demand for the commissioner.

Taking to his Twitter feed on Saturday night, Donald Trump didn't hold back with his thoughts on Roger Goodell and the recent protests going on in the NFL.

"Roger Goodell of NFL just put out a statement trying to justify the total disrespect certain players show to our country," Trump tweeted out, before demanding, "Tell them to stand!"

Donald Trump's behavior and attitude directed at the sport's world heading into the weekend has dominated the news cycle.

With sports and politics clashing, it has highlighted the deep divide between many Americans who can't seem to build a bridge and find common ground between the political left and right.

Trump's NBA trouble

With the Golden State Warriors no longer appearing at the White House, the team did release a statement noting that they still plan to appear in Washington, D.C.

in February, but instead will take party in a "diversity" and "unity" rally. The news didn't go over well with Donald Trump and his supporters who don't see many athletes as heroes, but rather individuals who are taking advantage of the American way of life.