Georgia is beating up on Mississippi State, and they are causing the Bulldogs defense problems. The Georgia offense was not spectacular last year, and now they look amazing under Jake Fromm. No one can say that Jake Fromm is not better than Jacob Eason right now. Eason was supposed to be the golden boy, but Fromm is the real deal. How will the Georgia staff deal with this problem, what will Jacob Eason do, and can he lose his job to injury?

Eason just lost his job

Jacob Eason lost his job the second that Jake Fromm starting scoring on Saturday night against Mississippi State.

Tom Brady has his fame and fortune because Drew Bledsoe got hurt, and now Jake Fromm can become a massive prospect because Jacob Eason got hurt. Fromm should keep his job, and he should be given every chance to succeed. Georgia could win the SEC East if they stay on this track, and they are more than likely to beat Florida when they go to the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in Jacksonville.

Can Georgia keep scoring?

It looks like they can score as much as they want for as long as they want. We do not know if they can win all their games, but Georgia probably needs to get a few points back on all their betting lines. They can compete with a team like Florida, and they could give a team like Alabama a hard time.

Georgia is probably not going to win the SEC, but they look really good. Jake Fromm is going to be on the radar of every desperate NFL team, and they will want to know how many yards they can throw for in a season if they draft him. Fromm could get into the Heisman conversation next season if he ends this season well, and it would be interesting to see what happens if the Bulldogs are going into a new season with a really hot offense.

Predicting the future

Georgia should be favored in most of its future games, but they would be beaten up in the SEC title game by Alabama. The Georgia staff needs to find a way to make the team carry this momentum for as long as possible. Some people on this team need that momentum because they are not performing very well, and we might find out that they get better because of the incredible performance on the offensive side of the ball.

Fromm could become the face of the franchise, and he knows that he has to be the amazing face of the team. Kirby Smart needs to have a recruit on campus that he can point to as his personal project. Developing Fromm will make Smart look amazing, and it could bring the Georgia Bulldogs a few years of success.