Philip Rivers is far better than what we have seen over the past couple years, and we need to be convinced that he can do more in 2017. Philip is a superior talent that we have seen do amazing things in San Diego, but he has moved to Los Angeles with the Chargers to a tiny stadium, with no help on offense, and without any prospects for the future. Eli Manning comes from the same draft class as Rivers, and we are talking about how fragile Eli could be. Philip Rivers needs to win a championship soon before he retires, but it does not appear he has even a remote chance of doing so.

Philip has had few chances

Philip has had a few chances earlier in his career to create an opportunity to win a championship. He is a very good player, but he does not seem to be as clutch as someone like Eli Manning. He may not have had the pieces that Eli had, but Philip has never made that big play that we will remember. Eli Manning has two big plays like that, and he has won two Super Bowls because of those plays. You may have noticed that Philip can make the same throws that Eli makes, but Eli seems to make them at the right times.

The Chargers are mismanaged

The Chargers are one of the worst teams in the league if you consider management alone. The ownership and management team has been very bad, and they have rarely made wise choices when trying to build their team.

The Chargers do not seem to draft well, and they have not signed anyone who can play with Philip to help him succeed in the future. The Chargers do not have time to start over because Philip is so old, and they need to come up with quick fixes if they want to be competitive. They would mortgage the future to win now, and they are probably not in a good position to win.

The Chargers are stuck

The Chargers will play in a tiny stadium for a couple years while they build the big new place in LA. They are in the worst position possible because they will make nothing at the gate compared to other teams, and they will be forgotten because they are the worst team in their division. It very hard for the Chargers to have any hope for the future when they are in such a bad place.

They will have so few fans in the building that it will feel more like a baseball game, and it may be dejecting to play in front of crowds that are that small. A fan base that travels could easily take over their building, and that would make the situation even worse.

There are many people who want to see Philip Rivers bounce back from a couple bad seasons, but he has no tools to help him.