NFL teams are now downsizing their rosters. Here's a summary of the top players from the roster cuts that could see movement as teams being to surf the waiver wire.

Brock Osweiler

Osweiler has done a complete 180 since his time in Denver. The former Broncos backup quarterback rose to fame when he guided the Broncos while Peyton Manning was out with an injury. The Houston Texans signed Osweiler to a long-term contract, which resulted in a disaster. The Texans traded Osweiler to the Cleveland Browns as the Browns took on the $16 million that Osweiler is owed, and a second-round draft pick.

Osweiler could contend as a backup quarterback.

Ryan Mathews

Mathews was cut by the Philadelphia Eagles. Mathews rushed for 661 yards and eight touchdowns. Mathews has the best chance to find a new team out of the group based on his durability. Mathews could join a team that needs a power down back, and assume a role that does not require him to be the lead runningback.

Larry Donnell

The tight end signed with the Baltimore Ravens before being cut. Donnell rose to fame when he caught a spectacular one-handed touchdown pass two years ago. Donnell spent the last four years with the New York Giants. He went for 92 yards on 15 receptions. His best season was two years ago when he hauled in 623 yards on 63 receptions.

Ronnie Hillman

The former runningback for the Broncos, Chargers, and Vikings will likely not see any action this season. Most remember HIllman from two years ago when he rushed for 863 yards and seven touchdowns. Last season was a huge setback as Hillman combined for 131 yards on the ground with no touchdowns. The Chargers have Melvin Gordon, and the Vikings have Latavius Murray and Dalvin Cook, leaving no room for Hillman.

Hillman could have played for the Dallas Cowboys this season, but was cut.

Victor Cruz

Could this be the last of the salsa dance? Cruz finished with 586 receiving yards with no touchdown passes. Cruz missed all of 2015 with an injury. If Cruz could not make the Chicago Bears roster with their depleted receiving corps, he may be out of a job.

Matt Barkley

Barkley was cut the San Francisco 49ers. Barkley was once upon a time considered a number one overall draft pick when he was at USC. Then, he sunk down in the draft and never lived up to the quarterback that most thought he would be. Barkley was 1-5 as a starter for the Bears. Just like Cruz, Barkley was cut from a bad team, so he may also be out of a job.