Tj Watt became a darling of the NFL as he had a great performance to open the season for the Steelers. He has become one of the best players on this new Steelers defense, and he will likely become a leader on this defense in short order. TJ has gone to a better franchise than his brother JJ who plays in Houston, and this tiny difference could help extend TJ's career. Defensive players do not make for fantasy studs, but they do help you when you are trying to pick betting lines for next week.

How does he fit in?

TJ Watt fits into this Steelers defense as the guy who is willing to do whatever it takes to win.

You would not be surprised to find him all over the field making every play, and that is why he had an amazing stat line for his first game. An intersection and two sacks make a big difference in a close game, and the Browns could have won that game if they were not stopped by TJ Watt. TJ did everything for the Steelers, and he may be the new Troy Polamalu. He is the guy does it all, and he appears to do it quite well.

Saving Big Ben's career

Big Ben can play longer in Pittsburgh if they have a defense that can get him back on the field more often. TJ Watt helps the defense in Pittsburgh make plays, and he will help the offense get back on the field where they need to be. This team is desperate to have people making plays all over the field, and they cannot do that if they only have a few downs to work with.

Big Ben could retire at any time, but his career could be extended by a defense that bends but never breaks while the opposing team is on the field.

Improving defensive play

TJ seems like the kind of guy who expects the best from the people around him, and he could be a vocal leader that the Steelers need on their defense. They can improve a lot if they have someone like this in practice every day, and it will translate to the games because TJ can get his teammates to do what needs to be done the second it must be done.

He might not be calling plays in Pittsburgh right now, but he will be calling plays very soon because he is the kind of guy who can do that.

A new Steel Curtain

The Steel Curtain defense that was such a big part of their success in 70s should be reformed with the addition of TJ Watt. The Steelers picked up Joe Haden, and they have quietly built one of the best defenses in the league. They need to leverage that defensive play along with with an aging Big Ben before they must move on to a new quarterback. Can the Steelers win the Super Bowl? They may be able to do.