In Fantasy Football, quarterback is an interesting position. For many years, there were one or two quarterbacks at the top of the list and then an entire cache of quarterbacks who were almost identical. They were also always secondary to running backs. However, in the 2017 fantasy football drafts, there is a change. More and more leagues are giving quarterbacks more power by increasing their touchdown points. On top of that, with so many teams using running back committees instead of utilizing a single back to carry the load, it devalues running backs and suddenly quarterbacks are more important than ever.

Here are this year's fantasy football draft quarterback rankings as NFL training camps get underway.

Tier 1 Quarterback Rankings

The first tier of 2017 fantasy football quarterback rankings are those players you want to target in the first round of most drafts. There are a few running backs and even fewer wide receivers worth a first-round pick but there are a number of quarterbacks who are worth consideration as well. Of course, at the top of the list is Aaron Rodgers, a touchdown maker who also throws for a ton of yards without hardly any interceptions. Rodgers is always one of the top quarterbacks in fantasy football and should be a Top 5 pick in most fantasy leagues.

1.Aaron Rodgers

2. Tom Brady


Drew Brees

4. Andrew Luck

Tier 2 Quarterback Rankings

The second tier of 2017 fantasy football quarterback rankings include those remaining players that should be starting for most fantasy teams. With an idea that there are 12 teams in an average league, there are eight more spots left to fill in. The first batch are the ones who should be starting every week.

Those names include Russell Wilson, Philip Rivers, Matthew Stafford, Ben Roethlisberger, and Matt Ryan.

5. Russell Wilson

6. Philip Rivers

7. Matthew Stafford

8. Ben Roethlisberger

9. Matt Ryan

10. Dak Prescott

11. Kirk Cousins

12. Cam Newton

13. Derek Carr

14. Jameis Winston

15. Marcus Mariota

Tier 3: Backup Quarterbacks

The third tier of 2017 fantasy football quarterback rankings are backups and plug-in starters as well as insurance policies in case of emergencies.

These are players you could start but should never be your first option.

16. Blake Bortles

17. Andy Dalton

18. Tyrod Taylor

19. Eli Manning

20. Carson Wentz

21. Alex Smith

22. Ryan Tannehill

23. Carson Palmer

24. Joe Flacco

25. Sam Bradford.

Avoid these quarterbacks

Finally, here are quarterbacks you should avoid at all costs.

26. Brian Hoyer

27. Jared Goff

28. Josh McCown

29. Cody Kessler

30 Trevor Siemian

31. Paxton Lynch

32. Tom Savage