Actor Shia LaBeouf was recently arrested in Georgia for being drunk. Later, a video showing what took place when he was taken into custody surfaced and it revealed he acted in a racist manner towards one of the officers, who is black.

The arrest took place in Savannah, Georgia. While at the police station LaBeouf was being interviewed by two officers, He said, “You’re going to hell, straight to hell, bro.” He continued to say that the black officer arresting him was a savage act and when the cop asked why, LaBeouf said it was because the cop is a black man.

LaBeouf added that the officers are the ones who are racist because he was arrested for being white “in a city that don’t have nothing to do with none of you,” Huffington Post reported.

Charges against LaBeouf

The actor was charged with public drunkenness, obstruction, and disorderly conduct. The disorderly conduct of LaBeouf came after he asked a bystander and a police officer for a cigarette. When he was not given one, he became aggressive. He initially ran away from the officers and went inside a hotel where he was arrested.

The racist comments at the police station were not the only profanity-laced statements he released. During the arrest at the hotel lobby, he told the same black officer that President Donald Trump does not give a s**t about black people and the police force he belongs to also do not give a f**k about him.

He then questioned the police officer as to why he wanted to arrest a white man who gives a f**k about black people and is only asking for a cigarette. These statements were recorded by the officer’s body camera.

He also became aggressive towards a white police officer. During the interview at the police station, LaBeouf told the white officer that he should be ashamed because his wife might be watching pornography that has a black man in it.

LaBeouf also said that if he had a gun with him, he would open fire.

Actor apologizes on Twitter

LaBeouf posted a photo of his apology on his social networking account on Twitter. He said he is ashamed of his behavior and there is no excuse for it. LaBeouf acknowledged and thanked the arresting officers for their restraint as he apologized to them.

He also revealed that his recent disrespect for authority is problematic and he hopes this new low is the bottom of all the lows he has been experiencing. LaBeouf said he is struggling with an addiction and he is taking steps toward securing his sobriety, BBC reported.