An American man vacationing in Greece was beaten to death by a mob. Nine of the men who took part in the beating were arrested and charged with intentional homicide.

The American Man, 22-year-old Bakari Henderson, was at a party resort in the Greek island of Zakynthos called Laganas when he was attacked on Friday. The New York Times reported that an argument with Henderson started after he wanted to take a selfie with a female bartender. It escalated quickly into a brawl. Henderson was with his friend and they were set to leave when the suspects followed them and attacked him.

Other reports said that someone confronted the female bartender about “hanging out with the Americans.” However, one of the friends of Henderson, Daniel Brown, claimed that they were minding their own business and were not talking to anyone when they were attacked. They performed life-saving first aid on Henderson such as CPR before he was taken to the hospital, Chicago Tribune reported.

Attack caught on surveillance video

Metro reported that a surveillance video showed the attack outside the bar on the streets. The attack lasted for 30 seconds but because so many threw punches and kicked Henderson, he died from head injuries. They only stopped after someone told them to but authorities did not state yet who that person was.

Henderson was from Austin, Texas and had just graduated from the University of Arizona. He was in Greece for a vacation as well as for a photo shoot for the opening of a clothing line. He was planning to travel to Spain but it was not stated if it was for another photo shoot or just a vacation.

Details about the suspects

Five of the nine charged remain in jail before their trials.

They already underwent their preliminary hearing this week. The other four suspects will be heard later this week. All of the men charged are Serbian. Two worked at the bar, one of whom is identified as a 32-year-old who worked as the bar’s bouncer and the other bar employee is a 34-year-old Greek bartender.

The bar is known as a place that serves cheap alcohol and where a lot of fights break out.

This was not the first time that someone died from an argument, as a British man was stabbed to death in the area six years ago.

Family of victim releases statement

A statement from the family of Henderson said that the victim loved spending time with his family and friends and he also loved to travel and meet new people. They noted that he was an inspiration as he lived life to the fullest. They are now focusing on getting his body home so they can grieve properly.