Ivana Trump is out promoting her new book “Raising Trump” and during her interview on “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday, she said that she is glad she is not in the place of Melania Trump. Another comment made by Ivana caused the First Lady to hit back through a statement released by her office.

The exact words of Ivana on “Fox and Friends” read: “I am glad Melania is there and I am here” because Washington is a “tough town.” She added that she once was offered to have a position in the government as an American ambassador to her native Czech Republic but she turned it down because the job would make her lose her freedom.

Who is the First Lady between Melania and Ivana

The Ivana's comments on “Fox and Friends” came after she appeared in a Monday interview on “Good Morning America” wherein she joked she should be called the First Lady over Melania since she is the first wife of President Donald Trump. Ivana added that she has the direct number to the White House but prefers not to call the president because she does not want to cause any kind of jealousy because she is “basically first Trump wife,” The Hill reported.

Ivana and Donald got married in 1977 and divorced in 1992. She shares Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric with the president. Melania, on the other hand, married the president in 2005, marking the third marriage for Donald.

Melania hits back

Melania hit back on the comments of Ivana through her communications director Stephanie Grisham. Grisham released the statement to CNN saying that Melania, referring to her as Mrs. Trump, has made the White House a home to their son Barron and to the President and that the First Lady is honored to be in Washington holding such position.

Grisham added that Melania plans to use her title as the First Lady to help children and not to “sell books,” in reference to Ivana’s “Raising Trump” literary piece.

Grisham added that the statements of Ivana recently have no substance and it is just an “attention-seeking and self-serving noise.”

Ivana says she has no problem with Melania

After Melania released a statement as a response to the comments of the president’s first wife, Ivana released a statement saying that she and the First Lady have “absolutely no problem” and went on to describe Melania as a very nice girl.

She added that she never said anything bad about Melania regarding the First Lady’s accent contrary to what reports are saying. Ivana pointed out that she sent a text message to the First Lady saying that the last thing she would want to do is say something bad about the current wife of the president because she is also like family to Ivana.

Melania has not yet commented on the Ivana's latest statement.