There are plenty of rumors surrounding First Lady Melania Trump and what goes on at the White House. The President values her input and is known to seek her advice and counsel. Last month a report out claimed that she didn't feel White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was competent enough in defended her husband to the media and wanted him out.

White House source speaks on Melania's behalf

Separate reports have cited Melania -- in addition to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner -- as trying to sway President Trump into another staff shakeup in the West Wing by removing Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

According to CNN, a White House source "knowledgeable of Melania Trump's thinking on the subject" says that the president's wife is "borderline irritated" of any notion that she gets involved in his staffing decisions.

The source explained that Melania Trump stays above the fray, steering clear of the drama that plagues her husband in the West Wing. Moreover, the White House insider claims that Mrs. Trump "doesn't bother" with the spectacles tied to the administration and maintains focus on her own initiatives.

"She has more important things to do," said the source.

The source insists that Melania Trump feels such drama is beneath her and sticks to her quarters in the East Wing. While she's apprised of the situations in the West Wing, she doesn't have the impact some reports claim she has with shake-ups that unfold in the White House.

Melania keeps her distance from West Wing

Melania Trump's communications director has confirmed that the first lady converses with her husband frequently on areas related to the administration. The line is drawn with how much advice she gives the president and the decisions he makes.

Now that Melania lives at the White House, people are trying to ascertain how the dynamics work and wonder how the first lady can possibly keep her distance from the near-constant upsets that rock Trump's administration.

The latest scandal targeting Donald Trump, Jr. has ignited more fallout and suspicion of the administration colluding with the Russians during the 2016 presidential race. Emails show that Don, Jr. was intent on obtaining damaging information on Hillary Clinton by meeting with an attorney tied to the Russian government.

If Melania Trump is "borderline irritated" at the headlines now, she might escalate to "downright angry" as time goes on because the rumors won't cease as long as she's the first lady and Donald Trump is the U.S. president.