Sen. Dick Durbin revealed all the reasons he believes that President Trump is completely dangerous. He said he is dangerous for threatening former Director James Comey, a potential witness in an FBI investigation. Trump is dangerous for allegedly having Russian connections. Additionally, he has agreed with Sen. Bernie Sanders that it is time to appoint a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of the Russia's ties to American politics.

Trump's credibility is gone

According to Daily Kos, Trump's credibility has been destroyed this week. Durbin believes that it's time to block Trump's new FBI director.

He said that Andrew McCabe will lead the FBI just fine, for now.

He urged Democrats to force for a special prosecutor to be assigned to "deal with the issues with the Republican Party."

Will the Republicans stop supporting Trump?

Right now, it looks like the Republican are staying loyal to Trump, but it may be just for show. The rumors swirling in the Senate reveal that a majority of the Republicans do not want to be associated with Trump and his legal troubles. It isn't clear if they believe that he has/had ties to Russia or not, but they don't want to get tangled with him as he is in destruction mode right now.