Ken Dilanian, a reporter from NBC News, revealed that an FBI insider said that the reason trump released Comey from his duties was to put someone in his place that would drop the Russian investigation. Now that James has been fired, Trump is free to appoint whoever he wishes.

FBI insider reveals the truth

Apparently, Dilanian claims an FBI insider said that Trump real motive was to replace Comey with someone who would close the Russian investigation. With James officially out, now President Trump can appoint whoever he wants.

Call to bring on a special prosecutor

Sen John McCain (R-AZ) calls for Congress to appoint a special investigator to look into the president's ties to Russia. Democrats felt that firing Comey was just a "clever" way to cover up his crimes. They feel the only way to expose Trump is to bring on a third party investigator.

According to Occupy Democrats, McCain added that the special prosecutor should be someone that is brought on by Congress or appointed and not put into a position that would allow Donald Trump to relieve them of their duties.

So far, anyone who challenges Trump he finds a way to fire them. So, both sides agree, if they continue with the Russian investigation, they need to make sure President Trump and his cronies cannot fire them.