If President trump was trying to stay out of trouble with the law, then he's not going to like it when he hears that his tweet to James Comey could be seen as a legitimate threat.

Legally this could be bad for Trump

A legal expert revealed that if this was a court room and the judge discovered that one of the subjects of an investigation threatened a witness via social media, they would be warned to stop immediately. According to the law, it is a felony to intimidate and threaten a potential witness to prevent their official testimony in a courtroom setting.

Is Trump his worst enemy?

Is it possible that the president thinks he is above the law? It certainly is starting to look that way. Before Comey's dismissal and threat via social media, his impeachment wasn't a guarantee.

According to Daily Kos, the Democrats were preparing to survive another three years under Trump's regime, but now it looks like it may only be a matter of time before he is forced to resign.

White House has to turn over tapes

Based on Trump's threat to Comey, Reps. Elijah Cummings and John Conyers asked the White House to turn over all tapes related to Comey's firing. They noted that it is illegal for anyone to threaten or intimidate a potential witness in an ongoing investigation.

It's not looking good for Mr. Trump. Will this lead to his impeachment?